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Welcome to the world of Baba Clay Oven manufacturers and exporters of premium quality and long lasting range of Tandoor Clay Ovens.


We provide stainless steel tandoors in traditional Charcoal style as well as the CE and ETL/NSF approved Gas versions. We are suppliers to a range of customers, both distributors and retailers, across Europe, USA and Canada.

The right equipment for your restaurant or catering business should be of the highest quality that is why Baba Clay Oven Tandoors and catering utensils is the equipment for you.

To be able to confirm ETL and NSF certification follow the link and just type “Baba Clay Oven” in the search box.


1Is the clay pot machine made?
The clay pot is made by hand using century's old principle of making clay by craftsmen and artisans involved in making clay.
2Is the clay durable?
The clay used in our Tandoors is sourced from specific locations in Northern India and made by hand into the curvaceous shape by master craftsmen still using centuries old technique and experience. It is reinforced by natural additives to give it strength for a long lasting experience.
3Will the outer body get hot?
Yes but not like the charcoal barbeque ones, it will be warm outside as the insulation between the clay pot and the outer body prevents the heat loss as to make the tandoor more economical to use. The gas fired Tandoor is cleaner and easier to operate than the original charcoal fired Tandoor from which it was developed. The strategically positioned lava stones over the heat source give the authentic charcoal broiled flavour to the food being cooked.
4How much charcoal is needed?
The Tandoor consumes approximately 1kg of wood charcoal every hour.
5How is it different from a normal charcoal BBq?
The radiant heat transfer method enclosed by the specific shape of the clay oven pot results in less loss of Vitamins and proteins out of the food being cooked. Thus one gets a perfect aromatic flavour full of nutritious values.
6How does it run?
This is a dual fuel barbeque where one can use wood charcoal for the authentic charcoal broiled clay earthen flavour or use a Propane/Butane/Natural Gas burner with a Baffle Plate.(Gas burner not supplied or fitted, Has to be procured locally.)
7What does the baffle plate do in case of a Gas option?
The baffle plate pays a very important role when using the gas option as it strategically positions the burner lava as to get the best heat transfer for a quick and economical heating in the oven.
8Will the gas option deliver the same taste as that of charcoal fired oven?
No, it cannot as the earthen flavour generated from the wood charcoal enhances the taste of the food cooked in the medium but one can always use the LAVA stones on the baffle plate to get the charcoal broiled flavour.
9What is the life of the clay tandoor oven?
Kept with little care it can last long for decades as the clay is strengthened and the body is made on a steel chassis.


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